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About the Artist

about the artist



freshman and sophomore year of college i spent so much time trying to envision my future, career wise. this was a bit odd being that i knew exactly what i wanted to do with my life since the age of thirteen. i realized that in actuality, i was trying to envision an alternative career in the same field that would be easier to succeed in. i was allowing my fear of failure and outside influences alter my goals because hey, what if they were words of the wise.

once i got the push i needed to pursue my true dream, i began to think back to a time when i dressed so colorfully. i color blocked to. the. max. and still made it match. boss! me and my sister always have a good laugh about my previous style of dress. we look at photos and it amazes me to this day that kids didn’t come up with some crazy jokes on my outfits, but i’m sure it’s because “i made it fly and i’ll tell ya why.” *erykah badu voice*

i remember feeling so free at that time (when i put my shyness aside, that is). i had a such positive outlook on life, great sense of individuality and self-expression. i was so full of life; my colorful attire matched my colorful, crazy, fun personality. i felt darn near limitless. that's what color is; it’s without limits. i decided to bring that feeling back, enhance it and make everyone i come in contact with feel it too. i want to help people live without limits (or live in color as i call it) and do it the best way i know how... through art. 

i know first hand that reinforcement can be that little thing that makes a huge difference; that sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, a little motivation, or a bit of empowerment to completely shift your mindset from one with limits to one completely free. those colors that i would wear, sometimes all at once, are now what make up my brand because possessing the meanings of those colors will eliminate all limitations. so my goal is to help you discover the color(s) you're lacking and add it into your life, to help you find that missing piece to your puzzle and make you feel complete.

within every one of my creations lie a story, a message, vibrant colors and a bit of myself, inspiring you to release all limitations you’ve created in your own imagination. 

oh and i’m zinzani by the way (full name: tanganyika zinzani naivasha thorpe, to make it more personal): the colorful, crazy, cool, limitless artist and founder behind zinzani studios who believes in the power of art, stories, laughter, quotes, puzzles, metaphors, reinforcement, interdependence, a hot cup of tea and that everything happens for a reason. i look forward to releasing limits with you!



zinzani is a painter, illustrator, digital artist, photographer, graphic designer and curator. she commonly creates portrait paintings consisting of smooth and textured brush strokes, metaphoric components and a poetic feel. she is inspired by color, shapes, nature, black culture and her own experiences.