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host an art party


do you love a good party? well let's party with art! i'm sure you'd love to host a party and make some money in the process! you can do exactly that with zinzani studios and i'll tell you just how it works!


1. pick a date

pick a day to bring all your favorite people and art lovers together. you can have the party at your house, business or another location you arrange.

2. let zinzani studios know

fill out the 'host an art party' form and let us know when and where this party is going down! we will get back to you as soon as possible letting you know if that date and time is available.

3. plan plan plan

after receiving a confirmation from zinzani studios, get to planning! send out the invites to your friends, family, and coworkers and tell them to invite their people as well! 

you can't have a party without snacks, drinks, and music so get all that together and turn your place into a party space.

4. get guests to rsvp

we need to know how many people you're expecting and how much space we'll have to set up, so get your guests to rsvp so you have an expected headcount then let us know. 

5. on party day

zinzani studios is setting up shop! we're bringing some bomb pieces to display and products on products to sale. your friends come in, party and shop 'til they drop and since you made all this happen of course, you get your cut!*


*commission rate will be disclosed to the host prior to confirmation of the art party.

zinzani studios/ art parties are currently only available in the new jersey/ new york city area.


click the button below to fill out the form and host your very own art party!