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holiday gift guide

Tanganyika Zinzani

photograph by jennifer pallian

photograph by jennifer pallian

it's the season for gift giving and let's face it, at some point in time we've all searched the mall top to bottom without a clue as to what to get our friends, family and coworkers for the holidays. it's an annual thing; going to the mall (or if you're like me, searching the web), picking up a million potential gifts (or adding a million gifts to your cart), then realizing none of them have *insert name here* written all over it. and of course there's the other times when you do secret santa at your job and just your luck, you get the one person you know absolutely nothing about. in that case you just hope your coworker at least likes the gift. we have compiled a list of gift ideas that range range from "this is so you" (a gift your loved one will love) to "i don't really know you but there's no way you won't like this" (a gift your new coworker has to like)!


1. for the book-lover

you probably have a friend that loves a good book and i'm sure when she's sitting there during her reading time she's sipping on hot tea, coffee, or cocoa. let's be honest, reading without something warm to drink... who does that, lol! grab a book you know she hasn't read yet but loves the author, one of our art mugs, color craze bookmarks and her favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and you're set! that makes a cute gift specifically for her.

by the way, you can do the same for your book-loving guy friend, i just chose to say 'her.' 

'color pop' bookmark

'color pop' bookmark

'black queen' mug

'black queen' mug


2. for the naturalista (or guy with the fro)

is it just me or is it like sooooo amazing that so many people of color are deciding to go back to wearing their natural hair? with everyone going natural you're bound to have a friend, sister, cousin, brother and coworker that's rocking their natural hair and loving it! let me just say two words: hair. products. *drops mic*. girls and even guys now will get crazy excited when you give them some hair products (listen, that stuff ain't cheap). pair that with our 'afros & art' tee and 'unapologetically black' mini print and they won't be able to open their gift fast enough. 

i'm just assuming that the naturalista also loves art because hey, natural hair is art in itself.

'afros & art' tee

'afros & art' tee

'unapologetically black' mini print

'unapologetically black' mini print


3. for the art-lover

if you know an art lover i've got a million and one gift ideas for you ('cause art is what i do) but i'm gonna keep it simple. here are a few options for you:

a.) custom art

 in my opinion, there is no better gift than a custom painting. it's thoughtful and specific to the individual. think about what your friend or family member really likes, think about what would fit well in their living space or office and let's work on some ideas. the holidays are like a minute away though, so let's talk asap.

b.) canvas art

say you don't want to do a custom piece but you think an original painting would still be great. there are some original canvas painting available in the shop and make just as much a great gift as a custom piece. 

c.) a framed print

 if you check out the art prints category under the shop tab there are quite a few options. your friend is bound to love at least... all of them, lol! joking, but you will definitely find a few that would be perfect for your friend. our top three best sellers are 'translucent,' 'unapologetically black,' and 'we'll be butterflies.' grab one of those prints and find a frame that will match their home aesthetic. if you're having a hard time picking a print or even a nice frame to go with it, shoot me an email. i'm down to help out. 

d.) collection of mini prints

maybe the person you're giving the gift to would prefer something smaller or the prints or original art pieces won't work in their living space. grab them a collection of mini prints. mini prints currently come in six options-- grab one of each or just a few. these minis can be framed, stuck on the wall, mirror, or fridge. you can write a note on the back like a greeting card (or post card), sit it on a desk or night stand or just collect them.

'translucent' painting

'translucent' painting


4. for the one you're clueless about

let me first say that you can give this gift to someone you actually know really well. it's broad enough for someone new to your life and cute enough for a really close friend. 

mugs are always a great gift option, especially in the fall and winter time. that's like my go-to because it's something that can be put to good use; whether it's for drinking or holding pens. 

i must say that i'm biased; i collect mugs and can't help but grab a mug from everywhere i go so of course i'd say get a mug, but that doesn't negate the fact that they are very useful and won't be something that's just put in the donation box come spring cleaning time.

grab some candy to go in the mug. most people love chocolate, so throw some chocolates in there and some mini candy canes and wrap that mug up. find a greeting card or grab a mini print and write a cute holiday phrase on the back. you can just say something like 'wishing the holidays bring you so much joy and laughter.

best of luck with your holiday shopping!

'we'll be butterflies' mug

'we'll be butterflies' mug