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spring cleaning challenge

Christian Clarke

the coming of spring usually means a few things: the end of many failed new year’s resolutions, it the gym is suddenly less packed and your favorite healthy snacks are no longer sold out. spring also means allergy season; for those who suffer from allergies it translates into the most annoying months of the year. most of your days will be spent buried into a tissue or running to a bathroom to put in eye drops. for those of us who don’t suffer, it translates into enjoying air from both nostrils... but let's not leave out the infamous spring cleaning!

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it’s your temple: treat it how you want it to treat you

Christina Levy

in such a fast paced society, sometimes it becomes very overwhelming to focus on our health. we are working, some simultaneously getting their education, and others are even tasked with raising a family at the same time. with all of this on our plate, the question becomes, when do i have time to take care of me?

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ah nuh every kin teet ah laff

Christina Levy

a common saying from my culture comes to mind— “ah nuh every kin teet ah laff.” in translation, “not everyone who smiles with you or tells you they love you, really loves you”. while the phrase speaks to the wolves in sheep’s clothing, it also has as much precedents for the sheep who appear as wolves on their bad days. i have become close friends with people who many would deem as having RBF.

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