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purposefully pursuing the love we give

Christina Levy

i’d be lying if i said that at this point in my life i haven’t pondered the idea of being with someone whom i can imagine spending the rest of my life with. shoot, i was in the 5th grade when i imagined myself happily married to _________ with two kids who’s made up names elude me at the moment. my point is, love is nothing foreign to me. i’ve been loved and have loved, even if i didn’t know what it was at the time. was i in love in the 5th grade? most certainty not, but there were people in my life who i would have done anything they asked of me for the simple reason of it feeling right.

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there is no such thing as "finding my mold," CUT IT OUT!

Christina Levy

The title you occupy right now might be artist, singer, poet, or dancer. But at the end of the day, your purpose might be to motivate, empower, and inspire. When you think of it that way, you expand yourself beyond a limited space. You bring your purpose to people who aren’t interested in your water colors or how well you can hit a high soprano. You stretch yourself to fit your purpose. You are no longer trying to chip away at yourself to squeeze into a mold.

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