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Blog Posts

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the healing process

Christian Clarke

you wouldn’t be running from it in the first place if it wasn’t dark and scary but you have to come to terms with it. for some, you might not even know there is anything to come to terms with. for me, it was dealing with the fact that my dad was never really around. whenever i was asked about him i would say i didn’t care until one day i sat down and wrote a poem about him and all the hurt came gushing out. i realized that i had never spoken my truth out loud. i never claimed it as being real.

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we wear the crown

Christina Levy

“we all learn to be by imitation or indoctrination” a quote from the jackie hill perry herself in her poem, “what is a woman”. simply put, you are who you are today because of who someone else was yesterday. if i were to take a walk down memory lane and revisit those people who contributed to the christina you all see before you, i would return to you with the stories and lessons i picked up from all the great women in my life.

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finding strength in the midst of vulnerability

Christina Levy

i have never seen my mother cry. i hadn’t taken much notice of this until a few months ago when i was sitting at dinner with my close family and friends after graduation. everyone had just finished pouring a lot of positive energy, encouragement and well wishes on me and i had the floor to return my gratitude. as i looked down on my mother, the only thing that came to mind was the fact that i had never once seen her break down in tears.

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