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Brand Ambassador Resources

brand ambassador resources 

all your “need-to-knows" as a zinzani studios brand ambassador


all brand ambassador's must complete this form by the 7th of every month. this form provides us feedback + insight on your sales tactics and growth, how customers view our products and helps us keep tabs on our competitors.

view and submit form here


how to be a successful brand ambassador in three simple steps:

  1. represent the brand

  2. create brand awareness

  3. influence/ increase sales

in our brand ambassador guide, included all the information you need to be a sales generating + valuable brand ambassador.

view full brand ambassador guide here


it’s important to have material + contact information to provide potential customers when you’re out making new connections. our brand ambassador materials, including custom business cards, quarter-page flyers and brochures, make it easy for potential customers to find our online store, make a purchase and know exactly which brand ambassador put them on, so you always get compensated for your role in the sales process.

shop brand ambassador materials


we value our team, and for the time + dedication you put into the brand, our brand ambassadors receive:

  • 15% off all visual art services and online product orders. just use your custom discount code at checkout or submit your code when requesting a service.

  • free products for exceptional sales influence


every so often we will need local brand ambassadors to assist at trade shows/ events. we request that brand ambassadors wear the zinzani studios apparel when representing the brand. if you are unable to do so, it is required that the brand ambassadors come wearing any color(s) that fits our brand (black, white, pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple) and that no other brand is visibly represented on your clothing. clothing should not have any other logos, phrases, graphics, art or wording at all unless it represents zinzani studios.

at certain events a more specific dress code may be required.