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How To

be limitless just as color is

we all have those moments of self doubt where we believe that the person we aspire to be or that goal we want to achieve is out of reach. it could be caused by someone else's negative opinions, societal conditioning or that voice in your head trying to protect you from the possibility of being let down, but we are limitless-- just as color is. color is infinite; there are so many different variations and shades of color that go on forever and we are the same way. our potential is endless. we can do and be whatever we aspire to as long as we believe it. so be limitless, you have the key to a life without limits.  

"the only limitations you have are the ones you set in place for yourself."  -zinzani

live in your purpose + access your full potential

in order to access your full potential you must first be operating in your purpose. i think of purpose as a combination of (1) what you're good at + (2) what you loooove to do/ where your passion lies + (3) something that can help people. so what do you believe your purpose is? i know. it doesn't always come that easy. it's been a long journey to discovering my purpose but once you find it make sure you're living in it. you'll then see possibilities becoming reality because your heart is in it. 

watch the vibes you give out + take in

there are people out here that are like leeches; sucking all the life, joy and peace out of you. hey, sometimes there are times when we play that role ourselves. energy is craaazy contagious. someone can come in your presence carrying a negative vibe and instantly alter your mood. it's not only people that have an affect on your energy-- the food you eat, the things in your presence and the way you take care of your body all play a role in how you feel, your productivity and the energy you put out into the universe. with that being said watch what you're letting into your body and in your presence while also controlling the energy you're putting out. 

liven up your space with art

i'm sure you heard the saying that you are a combination of your three closest friends. it may be five... one of those two but the point is "you are what you surround yourself with" so liven up your space with art that reflects the person you are or aspire to be. the energy of the art that is constantly in your presence; in your home or in your workplace, will begin to reside inside of you. so if you surround yourself with art that gives you the feeling of joy or peace or empowerment, you will then become a more joyful, peaceful, empowered person. try it out and hold me to it!


colorful people!

share your story with us– tell us how you're living in color (releasing limitations + livening up your space with art). we'd love to hear how you're becoming the best version of yourself and we're sure it'll inspire someone else. use the hashtag #liveincolor and tag @zinzanistudios or contact us through email to be featured. 


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